We specialize in custom work, Kitchens, Medical, Dental, Office, Command Centers etc. We have done units for the Military, RCMP and Winnipeg police service, as well as rural RCMP detachments, mobile veterinarian clinics etc.”
Our custom concession trucks and trailers dominate the local food scene here in Manitoba, if you have recently been to an event chances are very good that you purchased food from one of our customers. Your food truck could be the next one hitting the streets

Our Promise

We build for you the customer, we cater to the person with a vision and we will work closely with you to make sure it is achieved.

Manitoba Health has the highest level of regulated standards in Canada for mobile food vehicles, UC Trailers doesn’t just meet the code, we exceed it! We use commercial kitchen grade flooring with 4′ coves, stainless steel sinks and countertops and your serving windows are triple paned with sliding screens.

Are you going to trust your Gas and Electrical work to a jack of all trades, master of none?
From your plumbing and flooring to your gas and electrical, we have the licenced professionals to ensure every build is professionally manufactured.

  • We employ a mechanical engineer to ensure your gas cooking equipment is commercial grade and your gas line schematic is accurate and safe.
  • We employ a licenced gas fitter to perform your vehicles gas pressure test and ensure there are no leaks.
  • Our CSA electrical is installed and designed by our licenced electrician.
  • We do our gas inspections and electrical inspections on-site with the MB Office of the Fire Commissioner.
  • We use Ansul Commercial grade kitchen fire suppression systems, professionally installed by a licenced Fire & Safety company.

Our work is completely customized to your needs. We have the professionals to do it right. Our pricing and service cannot be touched. Our vast network of partners enables us to give you that competitive edge for less.

From the design and manufacturing, to the logo, paint or wrap to the debit handheld machines, UC Trailers has you covered from start to finish.

Take a moment to browse through our website, and make notice of our expertise, versatility and quality. In addition, we value our customers and you will experience our friendly customer service from the moment you call. We encourage you to visit our facility and view our work in progress.

Frequently asked questions

Do you sell trucks?2019-10-11T01:13:02+00:00

No, We only sell Brand New Trailers.

Do I have to buy new2019-10-11T01:14:00+00:00

No, You are welcome to bring your own unit for conversion.

Does it have to be a truck or trailer for conversion2019-10-11T01:14:43+00:00

No, We convert trucks, buses, trailers, 5th wheels, containers, sea-cans etc.

I have an older vehicle I want to convert, can you help2019-10-11T01:15:36+00:00

Yes, We sure can.

I purchased an older unit and need to get it up to code, can you help2019-10-11T01:16:21+00:00

Yes, We take the worry out of inspections.

I purchased a unit elsewhere and have failed my inspections, can you help2019-10-11T01:17:10+00:00

Yes, We build to MB Health, Gas, CSA electrical standards.

I have a unit I want to make some changes too, can you help2019-10-11T01:17:59+00:00

Yes, We are happy to help you improve your kitchen flow.

I need cooking equipment but have no idea where to buy it, can you help2019-10-11T01:18:52+00:00

Yes, We can purchase the equipment from suppliers and have it shipped directly to our location for installation.

Do you only design and build kitchens2019-10-11T01:20:16+00:00

We specialize in mobile applications period. Our custom mobile builds include Veterinarian mobile clinics, Emergency Medical Services, Military, Law Enforcement & Search and Rescue.

Have an idea for a mobile unit but don’t see it listed here2019-10-11T01:20:57+00:00

Please give us a call to discuss, NDA’s are welcome.

How long does it take2019-10-11T01:21:39+00:00

If you are building from a new trailer, we require 12 weeks minimum. If you are providing the unit most can be completed within a 2-4wk time frame. Inspection times can vary. If you are doing a kitchen and want to be ready for Spring, please book your build before December. The logistics of the Kitchens w/Equipment and Inspections can experience delays from time to time. So it is important we start planning ahead of time.

Do you charge for quotes2019-10-11T01:22:39+00:00

No, We provide quotes free of charge.

Do you provide the exterior decals or design2019-10-11T01:28:39+00:00

No, but we can refer you to several Companies we have worked with. We offer our location/shop for installation at no charge.

Can you ship my completed unit to another location2019-10-11T01:29:51+00:00

Yes, as a commercial carrier we can transport your unit ourselves, or we may provide you with quotes from other carriers.

I live in another Province, do I have to come to Winnipeg2019-10-11T01:30:41+00:00

While an in person meeting is always preferred, we have many customers whom we have built for via email/phone.

Call us today

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Here’s what our happy customers had to say about our services:

I cannot say enough about the great construction of the trailer inside and out.

Chef Carla

Right down to the smallest details, you can truly see the pride and workmanship that UC Trailers puts into their builds.

Harold Green

Thank you, all at UC Trailers for your outstanding work, and honesty!

Kate Lewis

Thank you, for the great customer service! We had an awesome experience outfitting our Ice Cream truck with UC Trailers!

Kelly Johnson